A catastrophic injury is one that has serious, long-term life-altering consequences and any injury that requires extensive treatment or severely disrupts your life can be considered catastrophic

Catastrophic injuries can be

  • Physical injuries include amputation, burns, fractures
  • Spinal cord injuries exclusively affect the spinal cord
  • Cognitive injuries arise from brain damage that takes away a person’s ability to work and speak

As a Registered Physiotherapists in etobicoke, we frequently consulted to care for patients with basic fractures, severe fractures or multiple injuries and other orthopedic problems.

Being registered physiotherapists backed by the multidisciplinary team, we provide on optimal management of your catastrophic injuries.  Our rehabilitation program includes:

  • identifying the injury,
  • Assessing impairments, activity limitations
  • grading the severity of the injury
  • Setting goals relevant to activity limitations
  • Designing a treatment plan
  • Identifying key impairments that are limiting achievement of goals
  • Identifying and administering physiotherapy treatments like strengthening, joint mobility, motor skill development, pain management, cardiovascular fitness, respiratory functioning
  • Measuring the outcome of treatments

The rehabilitation plan coordinated by registered physiotherapists and other health professionals aims at improving your mobility through strengthening exercises, co-ordination and functional training to ensure achieving optimal outcomes.


Treatment objectives of the catastrophic injury rehabilitation include:

  • To establish patient focused co-orinated multidisciplinary approach
  • To address physical motor functional activities with early intervention and management to prevent further complications
  • To improve an individual’s independence in activities of daily living, such as bathing, eating, dressing, grooming, and mobility
  • To achieve functional independence
  • To achieve and maintain successful reintegration into the community.