After a motor vehicle accident, individuals have often suffered trauma and have symptoms such as anxiety, depression, sleep problems, flashbacks and somatic pain. Psychological assessment and counselling can give you the support needed towards achieving mental wellness and regaining a sense of control in your life.

We offer specialized assessment, treatment and consultation for individuals who have had Motor Vehicle Accidents. We have extensive experience in conducting psychological assessments and providing needed treatment for individuals involved in Motor Vehicle Accidents


Psychological problems associated with motor vehicle accident

  • Increase or decrease in appetite
  • Anxious about driving or being in traffic
  • Strong distressing emotions
  • Altered sleep routines
  • Altered mood state (e.g. feeling emotionally low, anxious, irritable, etc.)
  • Difficulty with concentration, focus and memory

Benefits from Psychological counseling:

  • Counseling with a mental health professional, you can gain support towards achieving mental wellness
  • Supporting you towards your goals
  • Helping you identify the changes and challenges you are experiencing
  • Providing strategies to help you positively manage the changes and challenges

Counseling treatment:

  • Telephone pre-screen interview
  • Complete in-person psychological assessment
  • Communication to you of your diagnosis and recommended treatment plan
  • Connection with an appropriate mental health professional to carry out the treatment plan