Physiotherapy Etobicoke Clinic – Exercise Therapy programmes etobicoke is one of our core treatment approaches used in physical therapy rehabilitation and development and designed to promote general health and well-being. Common exercise therapy programs in etobicoke include strengthening, mobilizing, stretching and aerobic exercises.

Our licensed physiotherapists at rapharehab etobicoke physiotherapy can create a personalised programme for you depending on your physiotherapy goals. Our registered Physical therapist in etobicoke will target specific and safe exercise programmes for you, from the initial stage of healing to getting back to your normal day to day activities.

Our physiotherapy exercise therapy programme etobicoke includes:

After a full assessment, our physiotherapists will work with you to decide on your goals to personalize your exercise programme.

This may include any of the following components:

• Strengthening
• Mobilizing
• Stretching
• Pain management
• Muscle control
• Functional exercises
• Sport specific exercises
• Balance exercises
• Proprioception exercises

Benefits of exercise Therapy programmes in etobicoke:

• Promoting a faster recovery from an injury/operation/condition
• Pain relief
• Increasing your mobility
• Improving the strength of your muscles
• Improving the efficiency of your heart and lungs
• Reducing your pain
• Improving your overall fitness levels
• Helping with your balance and coordination
• Helping you with sleep problems
• Overcome depression/stress
• Improving your self-confidence

Common conditions treated by Exercise Therapy in etobicoke:

• Post surgery rehabilitation
• Sports injuries rehabilitation
• Post-natal
• Back and neck problems
• Pelvic floor therapy & continence
• Sport specific performance
• Children’s motor development
• General fitness and well-being

Types of Therapeutic exercises in etobicoke include:

• Aerobic and endurance conditioning and reconditioning;
• Coordination exercises
• Range of motion exercises and soft tissue stretching
• Strength, power, and endurance exercises
• Agility training
• Relaxation exercises
• Breathing exercises
• Movement pattern training
• Neuromotor development activities training
• Neuromuscular education
• Perceptual training