Telehealth/Virtual Care Physiotherapy Etobicoke has been proven to be reliable in assessing pain, swelling, range of motion, strength, balance, and gait. Virtual Care Physiotherapy Etobicoke provided by registered physiotherapists in etobicoke has been proven to produce good outcomes without any risk. Our well trained physiotherapist know all the technologies related to telehealth

Virtual physical therapy care Etobicoke provides a wide range of services. They include:

• Evaluating spine clinic patients
• Video conferencing to monitor exercises and observe movements
• Referring patients to other specialists for additional care
• Rehabilitating stroke victims
• Providing Home Exercise Plan (HEP) videos
• Guiding movements for hand therapy, orthopedic injuries, and loss of motion

Benefits of telehealth physiotherapy Etobicoke:

• Complement your in-person physical therapy visits
• It is an opportunity to discuss ways to improve the safety of your home
• Save drive time, wait time in a clinic
• Lower your risk of exposure to COVID-19, the flu, and other contagious viruses
• Provide care for patients who don’t live far away from the clinic
• During one on one visit with our physiotherapist, you can have your family members or caregivers in your appointment
• Patients in telehealth physical therapy Etoicoke are more likely to stick to their home exercise programs based on your specific needs and goals
• Be scheduled to better accommodate your busy lifestyle

Who can participate in telehealth physical therapy Etobicoke?
People of all ages with variety of symptoms and medical conditions are eligible for telehealth services. A few examples of conditions for which a PT can help you virtually include:

• Balance
• Postoperative care
• Chronic pain management
• Follow up care

What do I need to participate in a telehealth physiotherapy Etobicoke visit?

You will need an email address and access to a computer or device that has a video camera and microphone.